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Happy 3rd Anniversary to STL Rent A Box!

We are thrilled to be celebrating today – it’s STL Rent A Box 3rd year Anniversary!!!   Yes we get 3 exclamations for that!  The support from the community has been overwhelming. We are growing and seeing moving successes because our clients are smart, Ecofriendly, time-savers, & economical!  We are SO excited we are having a super fun celebration sale!  Please share this with your…

Together We’re Better: STL Rent A Box + YOU

Since the launch of our social media accounts with STL Rent A Box, this hashtag phrase always comes to mind. It just feels natural to end many of my posts with #togetherwerebetter. Whether I was referring to a client, business network, a company, or community event we feel committed in many ways.

Who would have considered something so simple as providing boxes for rent, could be impactful?

Connect with STL Rent A Box!

Did you know…
We are so much more than a company that rents boxes. Our mission includes providing a convenient, clean, sensible product for moving and remodeling. By doing so, we have made a commitment to our community in customer service and being kind to our environment. Using our product and service allows the client to withstand from using additional fuel, no waste on boxes, and of cours…

STL Rent A Box and StartLouis Unite!

Have you ever had an idea and didn’t know what to do with it? You crafted it precisely in your mind and just know in your heart it would be valuable to others. You can’t stop thinking about it and the passion grows. Obsessing over the idea has consumed you and you just know the next step is to get out there to tell the world? But where do you go and who to tell? Lucky you. Did you know that…

STL Rent A Box Spring Cleaning tips!

Springtime is finally here and nature has awakened. With the launch of this new weather it’s time to enjoy the fresh air. I’m very excited to get my hands dirty and start gardening again. I have some new organic seeds to plant in hopes of a bountiful vegetable harvest. Well…that’s the plan anyway! I’ll keep you posted on that adventure!

It’s also a good time to deep clean the house insid…

New Moving Products Available at STL Rent A Box!

You are amazing! Yes, we mean YOU! When STL Rent A Box opened its doors in 2012, Todd and I shared our mission with you, and YOU followed along! Everyday we ask ourselves, “What more can we do? What more do our customers want?”  You were so kind to share your experiences and ideas with us, personally. Why is this blog dedicated to you? Because without your input we wouldn’t know whic…

STL Rent A Box – Top Ten!

1. Our boxes are made of industrial grade plastic. Perfect for your fragile items & everyday items
2. Our product packages are budget friendly
3. This is a green product: zero waste, not going to a landfill, recyclable & good to the Earth
4. We offer FREE delivery & FREE removal of the boxes at your door
5. You get clean boxes every time that are weather resistant and…

STL Rent A Box Celebrates National Women’s Small Business Month!

Cheers to the all the women of the world who strive for independent success. I know who you are…you are singles, married, moms, sisters, friends, daughters, caregivers, creatives, risk takers, engineers…all wanting to revolutionize the world. And here we are, all celebrating our strengths every day, but this month, October we celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month!

26 years ago…

FREE Moving Checklist Printable!

It happened! The decision to MOVE has been made – where do you start??? We have the perfect solution! STL Rent A Box has created a FREE printable checklist that takes the confusion out of it all starting DAY 1. It’s a complete list segmented into all the important details from ‘before you list’ to ‘what to do once you take possession of your new place’. With this list, you won’t…

“I’ll Take Geami With My Boxes Please…”

“I cannot say enough about this product!” This is what we hear from our customers! We are proud to be a distributor for Geami GreenWrap, an Eco-friendly packaging paper that keeps your breakables safe in transit.

The best part about this product is THIS is all you need! You won’t need to mess with sticky tape, scissors, or extra stuffing. The die-cut paper also has interleaf tissue. You…

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